Just a couple of other quick things …

I’ve already mentioned that knowing how to talk to potential customers is crucial to success. But, there are a couple other essential items if you want to be properly prepared … items such as a good Broker-Carrier Agreement, Load Manager spreadsheets to use instead of expensive freight broker software, a good data base option to help collect information on your shippers and carriers, etc.

Quickly let me tell you …

  • You’ll need a good, time-proven Broker-Carrier Agreement. This is essential, not an option.

A good agreement spells out duties, responsibilities and obligations. It’s for your protection and it’s a fair agreement.

There are some generic agreements on the Internet. These are not recommended simply because they ARE generic. You may THINK you are protected – but just wait until you get involved in a lawsuit (which, of course, may never happen) and you are faced with a sharp attorney who knows how to work around these generic agreements.

Of course, any agreement may have vulnerabilities – but why take a chance on the generic ones?

Our Broker-Carrier Agreement is a MSWord document and you will modify it with you own company information.

The estimated value on our Broker-Carrier Agreement is $800-$1,000.

  • Now,let’s talk about freight broker software. There ARE some good software packages on the market but I don’t recommend them for those new to brokering for several reasons:

(1) The best software in the world won’t help you GET LOADS and FIND CUSTOMERS. And this is what you need to focus on when starting your brokerage. Good software will help you MANAGE your loads after you get established; but, again, it won’t help you build good databases of shippers and carriers.

(2) Good software is expensive. Even if you are paying $100 per month, after three years, you’ve paid $3,600; after five years, you’ve paid $6,000. That’s a lot of money.

  • We offer two Load Manager spreadsheets – one for shippers, one for carriers – where you will record all you load activity.

By knowing which shippers are giving you the best margins, the quickest payment, the greatest number of loads, you will be able to load up on those that are working out well and dump those who are not working out well.

The estimated value on our two Load Manager spreadsheets is $200.

  • What about your shipper and carrier databases?

I’m not talking about the free directories that you’ll find on the Internet; I’m talking about the databases that YOU will build as you collect information on the shippers and carriers that you get set up with.

We offer two database templates that will enable you to collect information on shippers and carriers. On one screen, you will have a snap shot of shippers and carriers for their contact info, their requirements, and so on.

You will first have to purchase a $39 database package and install it after which you will upload our templates.

Just one warning: some clients are unable to upload the templates for whatever reason (others can) so I cannot guarantee that my templates will work on your end. But, you have the templates as a model to build your own.

But if you can upload my templates, you will save many hours by not having to construct these yourself.

The estimated value on our two database templates is $150.

  • Then, we provide several handouts to help you manage your brokerage:

Sample Shipper Order Form – use this hand out to record everything the shipper needs related to a load they are giving you. Use the backside for incoming phone calls related to this load. Keep it all organized! You want to be able to take information over the phone quickly and accurately and you want to be able to retrieve it quickly when you need it.

Sample Chart of Accounts – you can use this to set up your accounting needs if you are using QuickBooks; or give it to your accountant for them to use. There’s one tab as if you are working as a corporation and another tab as if you are working as a sole proprietorship.

California CARB requirement template – you will complete this form and send it to carriers to ensure they are in compliance with these requirements. Note: you, as a freight broker, can be fined it you are not compliant yourself.

The estimated value on these additional handouts is $60.

  • Lastly, this is a biggie – I’m offering three months of email support.

Whoever heard of a “home study” offering any kind of support? If you have questions or concerns during the first three months of your purchase, I want to be available for you.

The estimated value on this email support is $150.

  • So, again, let’s recap:

The value on the Broker-Carrier Agreement template – $800
The total value on the Load Manager templates – $200.
The total value on the two database templates – $150
The total value on the last several handouts – $60
The estimated value for 3 months of email support – $150

Grand total value – $1,360

But, again, I’m not going to ask you to add on $1,360, or even $950. You can save many hours of labor with these additional handouts for an additional fee of just $349.

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You will have received over $4,500 of valuable content for less than $950!

With the purchase of all the offers here, you total value is:

The initial Freight Broker Start-Up Guide – $850
The second offer – $2,332
The third and last offer – $1,360

Grand total value for all offers – $4,542

Your cost today – $947

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