How would you like my entire training manual in digital format along with 20 of the most important documents and handouts that you can modify and use for your business?

  • With this training manual and handouts, THIS is where you get into the “HOW TO” of what you find in the Start-Up Guide. This training manual is the same material that my live clients pay $2,995 for and my telephone/online clients pay $1,995 for.

This training manual has a value of $997.

  • We also have templates for your set-up packages and Load Confirmation sheets.

Before you begin working with shippers and carriers, you need to provide proof of your broker authority, and more.

We call this information – “set-up packages”. You could spend many hours trying to pull all this information together yourself but we have templates already prepared for you to modify.

  • The shipper set-up package may consists of:

  1. Fax/email cover sheet,
  2. Sample letter of introduction for shippers,
  3. Copy of Grant Letter,
  4. Copy of evidence of the surety bond or trust fund,
  5. Sample Certificate of Insurance (if applicable),
  6. Broker Statement of Position,
  7. Request for shipper information

  • The carrier set-up package may consist of some of the above plus:

  1. Sample letter of introduction for carriers,
  2. Sample Payment Terms,
  3. Request for carrier information,
  4. Sample of your company profile

The total value on these set-up package items is $500

  • Plus, we have templates for Load Confirmations that you will use for each load you move. The four templates consist of:

  1. 100 wt (cwt)
  2. Piece rate
  3. Flat rate
  4. Rate per mile

These load confirmation templates are prepared on MSExcel spreadsheets and the total value on these templates is $600.

Important! The set-up packages and load confirmations are required tools!

They are not optional. The question is: will you prepare these yourself – or will you take advantage of our templates?

  • Then we have some handouts that, again, will save you hours of work if you had to prepare these yourself. Here are the additional handouts:

Questions for shippers – trust me – you don’t want to blow it once you get on the phone with a potential customer. Ask the right questions and PROVE that you know what you are doing. Hint: you won’t have to “sell” yourself in the traditional sense. You’re just going to “start a conversation”. This subject of talking with potential customers is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial elements to freight broker success.

Questions for carriers – again – you don’t want to blow it while you are speaking with truck drivers or dispatchers. Asking the right questions will set you apart from those who don’t know what they are doing.

The total value on these two “questions to ask” is $100

  • Then we have a 12-month cash flow template to project estimated income and expenses.

It’s an MSExcel spreadsheet and you will be able to do all sorts or “what if” scenarios. When it comes to good cash management, you don’t want to be facing a cash shortage that seems to hit out of the blue. With this speadsheet, you may be able to see months in advance what your projected cash needs are. Don’t leave home without this tool.

The total value on this cash flow template is $100

  • Lastly, I’m going to throw in a couple of other handouts: a sample shipper invoice and a sample certificate of insurance.

The sample shipper invoice illustrates the “items” you or your accountant will need to set up when you get ready to invoice your customer. Items such as a description of what the truck is hauling, the quantity, the rate, etc. You will use the same “items” when you prepare checks for your carriers.

The sample certificate of insurance illustrates the coverage that your carrier has. Your shipper is depending upon you to make sure that the carrier is properly insured.

  • So, let’s recap:

The total value on the training manual and 20 handouts – $997
The total value on the set-up packages – $500
The total value on the Load Confirmation templates – $600.
The total value on the two “questions to ask” – $100
The total value on the cash flow template – $100
The total value on the last two handouts – $35

Grand total value – $2,332

But, I’m not going to ask you to add on $2,332, or even $997. You can save many hours of labor with the training manual and additional handouts for an additional fee of just $449.

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