Thank You! I’ve Got Your Order for
the Freight Broker Start-Up Guide!

In this start-up guide, you have every step you need to take in order to set up your freight brokerage plus more. You’ll first learn a bit about the industry and who you’ll be dealing with. You’re going to learn about getting a business name and registering it. You’re going to learn about what it takes to get your broker authority, using the tools of the trade like rates and rate negotiation. You’ll learn about finding loads and working with shippers and motor carriers.

You’ll find information on managing your business by building and using credit, you’ll have info on accounting options and the importance of good cash management. You’ll even be introduced to some major legislation and legal issues that you need to be aware of. And there’s more…

But before you go I have one quick announcement. Most customers are thinking “Okay, the guide shows me WHAT to do – but exactly where and HOW do I do it all and what is the cost?

Now, there’s nothing else you need to buy – but here’s how you can save 20-40 hours of work …

“Let’s dive in and take a look …”