Here is a Home-Based business with flexible hours and
Unlimited income potential.
No industry experience required, no tests, no exams and you can Get Started for about $1,400
for your broker authority!

Over the next several weeks at your own pace, you are going to get an education that you’ll never get in school or anywhere else for that matter. These materials will mentor you through building your own business, based upon information from someone who has “been there, done that”, solid business fundamentals, using freight broker techniques so powerful that you’ll be shocked at how quickly and easily you’ll be able to start contacting shippers for loads after spending only several hours with these materials.

“Thank you. This training package and all the Information you have provided has been well worth the investment.
Again thank you”.

Derrick S. – Clinton, MS

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There are no refunds on these materials.

Look at the benefits you can expect, working as a Freight Broker:

  • Homebased,
  • Unlimited income potential,
  • No industry experience required,
  • No tests or exams to get your broker authority,
  • No background checks,
  • Relatively easy to get started,
  • Low start-up and operating costs,
  • Work with customers in potentially all 48 states,
  • Create a business with recurring income,
  • No employees required,
  • No inventory to purchase
  • Build an asset that can be sold or passed on to family

Let me give you a quick review of what you’ll learn from the information covered in these materials:

  • How to search for and secure a business name that will establish your presence in the business world.
  • How to set up a sole proprietorship or get incorporated so you can begin to “brand” yourself.
  • How to get your broker authority in 30 minutes – and save a chunk of money in the process.
  • 3 specific search techniques you must use in order to find hungry customers.
  • How to become a recognized professional solely by using your telephone and Internet.
  • Sample questions to ask shipping managers that will compel them to listen to you.
  • Learn the difference between “taking information” AND “giving information” so that you understand how to control the entire transaction from start to finish.
  • Other online and offline sales techniques that are used to get customers who are not being called by every other freight broker in the country.
  • Plus too much more to mention here

Click Here Now for Home Study
with Limited Support

There are no refunds on these materials.

Here is a recap of what you’ll be getting in the load of materials that are sent to you.

Atex Freight Broker Training Manual:

A self-study program where you walk yourself through the processes of:

  • getting your business set-up,
  • selecting an available business name,
  • getting incorporated or setting up a sole proprietorship,
  • getting your Broker Authority,
  • learning the “tools of the trade” such as calculating rates, using the Loading Boards, managing your loads for maximum profits, using the Load Manager spreadsheets to record and monitor every load you get,
  • preparing your Shipper and Carrier databases so you can retrieve information at the click of the mouse, plus more,
  • getting set-up with the customer so you are ready to do business with them,
  • how to find customers eager to work with a freight broker,
  • what to say and what not to say with shippers and carriers,
  • learning to go where no one else is going in your customer searches,
  • learning other laser-specific marketing strategies,
  • learning how to pre-qualify motor carriers so you can select the best and “keep out of trouble” in the process,
  • how to use two essential documents that will facilitate communication and give you the control you need,
  • learning some of the legal, business and financial issues that impact Freight Brokers and how to use that information to your benefit, plus much, much more.

Atex Freight Broker Training Handouts:

There are 40 handouts, many of which are templates that are designed to help you manage your business and save you tons of time and some big bucks,

Atex Freight Broker Training Videos:

You receive 28 video presentations covering most of the handouts. These videos illustrate how to use and work with these handouts. They don’t just “tell” you what to do – they demonstrate it.

Atex Freight Broker Training Q&A Email Support:

Up to THREE MONTHS of email Q&A support that may be done before, during or after going through the training materials.

Atex Freight Broker Training Bonuses:

In addition to a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step training manual, handouts, video presentations, up to THREE MONTHS of Q&A email support, and you receive these bonuses included in the handouts worth over $1,400 …..

  • (1) A Sample Business Plan for a Freight Broker Business,
  • (2) 4-Page, Time-Tested Broker-Carrier Agreement,
  • (3) Load Manager Spreadsheets to Help Monitor Your Progress,
  • (4) Shipper and Carrier Database Templates,
  • (5) ebook, “Insider Secrets to Successful Freight Brokering”,
  • (6) ebook, “The Definitive Guide to Growing Your Freight Broker Business Using Broker Agents”

Click Here Now for Home Study
with Limited Support

There are no refunds on these materials.

Find out How To Become a Freight Broker at your own pace. Learn who to talk to, what to say, what to do, when to do it, and why you are doing. Become the expert foremost in the mind of your target prospect. This is the very same information that I used when I was brokering freight in nearly every state in the union. This is incredibly powerful stuff.

To Your Success,
John D Thomas

Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc.
El Paso, TX

Note: The Training Manual will not work on MAC computers (see about getting a PC emulator). There are no refunds for either the training or the materials. You will download the training manual and other materials with a link provided in an email sent to you after your order is processed. The training manual is in exe format and the handouts are in either MSWord, MSExcel or PDF formats.

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